Friday 26 December 2014

Various: Disco Hits From Hindi Films (1980)

Disco Hits

Stumbling over this recently, I was drawn to the cover not only because of it's enticing imagery, but because it looked very familiar. And no wonder, as an almost identical one was used on Cultures of Soul's 'Bombay Disco' set from earlier this year.

'Disco Hits From Hindi Films' came out at the height of things and contains… well basically what is says on the box. Some of the tracks will be well known to those who have followed the blog for a while. 'Om Shanti Om' actually makes its third appearance, 'Chhodo Sanam' was featured only a few days ago, 'Jab Chaye' is as infectious as ever. Of the previously unposted stuff there's always room for some Usha Uthup in my life – 'Hari Om Hari' is cool even if it is essentially a Hindi version of Eruption's 'One Way Ticket'. With a bit of 'That's The Way I Like It' thrown in. But hey, loads of Bollywood disco has Western heritage... sometimes it just works.

Need music for the New Year's party? A quick introduction to Bollywood Disco? Or simply a concentrated fix? This one's for you then.

Track listing:
1. Kishore Kumar & Chorus: Om Shanti Om (from Karz)
2. Usha Uthup & Chorus: Hari Om Hari (from Pyara Dushman)
3. Anette & Kishore Kumar: Chhodo Sanam (from Kudrat)
4. Asha Bhosle: Jab Chaye (from Lootmaar)
5. Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar & Chorus: Yaar Ki Khabar Mil Gai (from Ram Balram)
6. Bappi Lahiri & Chorus: Yaari Hai (from Shiksha)


  1. Thanks, PC! Yeah, love me some "Hari Om Hari" (biddi doo doo dooyap).

  2. Great Share PC, song 'Yaari Hai'' is the song which could not get its deserving fame despite the fact it was one of the early Disco Hit of the Bappi Lahiri.

    Vikram Singh

  3. Kishore Da will always remain the Disco and Pop king of Indian film music..I dont know whether or not this has been discussed but Kishore Da sang so many rythmic numbers under Pancham and later under Bappi Da. To me new breed of Disco and pop singers do not come any where close to him..H e was Rockstar in the real sense who made people sway on their feet... Kishore meant enthusiasm and no doubt this compilation features him....Nice one although already heard still rip makes it sound so fresh and new..

    saurabh srivastava

  4. This has fantastic selections from start to finish. Unfortunately, the mastering on the LP is overly compressed and flat sounding compared to the original LP's, a common problem in that era. Thanks for the link to my Bombay Disco collection. I loved this album cover and we decided to replicate it by using a different picture of Kalpana Iyer, culled from the "Pyaara Dushman" OST

  5. Glad you stopped by Brother Cleve. Coincidentally I've just purchased the second Bombay Disco set; really looking forward to playing that as it contains much more stuff I don't have originals of than the first one.

  6. Hope you enjoy it! I've been a fan of your blog since its earliest days, and I must say thanks for digitally filling in some gaps in my collection. Shabash!