The samplers

An introduction to the wonders of vintage Bollywood film music. This ongoing series of specially compiled mixtapes features highlights from previously posted soundtracks. They're better than any commercially produced Bollywood compilation you're ever likely to see anywhere. Trust me. And unlike the regular posts where re-uploads no longer will occur, the plan is to keep these permanently available. Send a message if you notice one that isn't.

They're additionally available to stream over at the MFT3F Mixcloud. There you'll also find a couple of themed mixes that have never been posted on the blog. And be sure to check out the one put together for Your Heart Out's 'Anywhere Else But Here Today' project.

Volume 1      Volume 2

Volume 3      Volume 4

Volume 5      Volume 6

Volume 7      Volume 8

Volume 9      Volume 10

Volume 11      Volume 12

Volume 13