Sunday 20 May 2018

Bappi Lahiri: Baadal (1984)


This is the first of three soundtracks released in 1984 I have lined up. It's not a year that excites me from the off when it comes to Bollywood sounds; when I started this project I avoided most things post-1980, but obviously there were exceptions to be made.

That said, this one is hardly a classic. Bappi Lahiri soundtracks can go either way; had I heard 'Baadal' before warming to his work, said warming might have taken a bit longer. There are tracks here that I find horribly tasteless; 'Go-Go Go-Go Gori' in particular is the sort of godawful song best suited for drunken holidaymakers in tacky Spanish tourist resorts. 'Hari Hari Bhangiya' contains elements of the same but on the plus side it has a decent samba beat sustaining it.

'Mere Jaisi Mehbooba' is the soundtrack's main (at least current) claim to fame, a typical Bappi-remake of a famous western hit, this time Herbie Hancock's electro anthem 'Rockit'. It's not bad at all, and I do have a fondness for Sharon Prabhakar's voice. It's my top pick from the album, along with the trippy 'Tute Na Dil Ka Vaada', performed by S.P. Balasubramanium and S. Janaki (the spelling in the track list is as given on the record) whom I previously know from one of my favourite Ilaiyaraaja efforts.

Track listing:
1. Sharon Prabhakar & Bappi Lahiri: Mere Jaisi Mehbooba
2. Bappi Lahiri & Chorus: Go-Go Go-Go Gori
3. Kishore Kumar & Chorus: Hari Hari Bhangiya
4. Balasubramanium & Janki: Tute Na Dil Ka Vaada (Happy)
5. Bappi Lahiri & Shankar Shamboo(late): Laila Meri Maila
6. Balasubramanium & Chorus: Tute Na Dil Ka Vaada (Sad)

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    no reups

  2. Nice to see you posting an album after a while.
    Meri jaisi mehbooba is the only worth listening track times i wonder what made you buy certain albums..the answer might be a single good track..😊😊

  3. It can be the single good track, if that one is good enough. More often than not though it's knowing, or at least expecting there to be one or two more.

  4. But this album is known for song “ Toote na Dil Ka Vaada “

  5. Yes agree with Vikram bhai Toota na dil ka vaada is good one, but i enjoy Laila Meri laila also.
    thanks PC for the album.

  6. Oh pc, you are a riot! Hee hee!!!

  7. I too liked Laila Meri Laila. The song "Hari Hari Bhangiya" is inspired from a very popular Laxmikant Pyarelal song 'Manu bhai motor chali' from 'Phool khile hai gulshan gulshan'. I'm sure the commenters before me must have heard this. this song also features Mithun the star of Baadal.