Friday 29 August 2014

Nitin Mangesh: Qaid (1975)


Nitin Mangesh is another music director team it's tempting to compare to RD Burman. His influence was apparent on the previous soundtrack I posted by them, and you can hear similarities a few places on 'Qaid' as well. Indebtedness to others is always treading a fine line; lack of originality, perceived or real, will obviously lend itself to criticism. I never really mind though, as long the resulting songs sound good, and I reckon 'Yeh To Zindagi Hai' and 'Yeh Dil De De De' do. A bit jazzy and a bit rockin' respectively, both are energetic, hook-laden and groovily arranged; very much products of that era. I like 'em.

Of the rest, the Pop Goes the Weasel-themed 'Kali Raat Aai' is the kind of song one finds either fun or annoying,  'Diwana Hoon Pyar Ke' has an infectious beat if not the most memorable of melodies, and the 'Title Music' has a few nice and cool and probably very sampleable breaks.

Most tracks are preceeded by a few minutes of dialogue.

Track listing:
1. Title Music
2. Lata Mangeshkar: Yahan Kaun Hai Asli
3. Kishore Kumar, Nitin & Chorus: Yeh To Zindagi Hai
4. Anjali Ram & Amit Kumar: Yeh Dil De De De
5. Anjali Ram & Chorus: Kali Raat Aai
6. Usha Mangeshkar & Mahmood: Karale Saaf Karale
7. Kishore Kumar: Diwana Hoon Pyar Ka
8. Asha Bhosle & Nitin: Beliya Alle Beliya


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  2. A Fantastic Share PC, song'Yahan Kaun Hai Asli" is my favourite song, waiting for more Laxmi Pyare Albums.


    Vikram Singh