Friday 5 September 2014

Nitin Mangesh: Khanjar (1980)


'Khanjar' is the last of what would appear to be only four films scored by Nitin Mangesh (1972's 'Samaanta' being the first), and to be honest it might not be quite as good as the other two I've posted. There are things to commend it though; the pleasant 'Tum Meri Zindagi Ho' (Aarti Mukherjee has a nice voice by the way), the atmospheric 'Zinda Hoon Magar Zinda Hoon Nahin', and best of all the upbeat and kind of sexy 'Honolulu Se Aai Hoon Pretty Mera Naam'. So it would be unwise not to check the album out at all.

I'm not sure why the Nitin Mangesh partnership wasn't more prolific; perhaps the films they scored weren't sufficiently successful. Oddly, Mangesh turned up a few years later as co-writer of a single by minor UK pop star Jona Lewie.

Track listing:
1. Jaspal Singh & Aarti Mukherjee: Tum Meri Zindagi Ho
2. Usha Timothy: Honolulu Se Aai Hoon Pretty Mera Naam
3. Aarti Mukherjee: Tum Meri Zindagi Ho
4. Aziz Nazan & Chorus: Lo Ham Aa Gaye Hain
5. Aziz Nazan & Chorus: Teri Nigahen Khanjat Teri Bahen Khanjar
6. Aarti Mukherjee: Zinda Hoon Magar Zinda Hoon Nahin
7. Mahmood & Anjali: Dekho Mera Yeh Jantar Mantar


  1. Great share, PC though not a rare one and Mangesh Desai scored were super flop of its time you are right it is one of the reason he could not get much offers thereafter.

    Vikram Singh

  2. There is a problem with the download.. shows error while unzipping.

  3. I'vd just tested it and it both downloads and unzips fine, so the problem is at your end I'm afraid.