Wednesday 23 May 2012

Bappi Lahiri: Paapi (1975)


The odd thing I found when researching 'Paapi' [review] [2] on the Internet is that it's usually dated 1977, suggesting there was an unusually long lapse between the recording of the soundtrack (I had to double check the date on the LP) and the release of the film. I wasn't able to find out why (anyone?) but, as will be apparent from the next album to be posted here, it wasn't the only time this happened.

Anyway… pre-disco Bappi Lahiri, that's usually good. And there are a couple of cracking tunes on this. 'Aa Jaan-E-Jaan' is summery pop with a lovely melody, Latin flourishes and great wah-wah guitar bits, and 'Come On Come On' is a seductively sexy cool-jazz ballad featuring the sultry voice of Ranu Mukherjee whom some of you will remember from the 'Call Girl' soundtrack. Things peter out a wee bit after these two, admittedly, but the Lata tracks 'Bol Sajna', 'Pyar Hai Gunah' (containing a nod to Led Zeppelin's 'Immigrant Song') and 'Shama Jale' all seem to be rapidly growing on me. So all in all then, a very worthwhile score.

Track listing:
1. Lata Mangeshkar: Aa Jaan-E-Jaan
2. Ranu Mukherjee & Lona: Come On Come On
3. Mahendra Kapoor & Chorus: Bolo Bolo Re Bhaiya
4. Mahendra Kapoor: Jeevan Bhi Badnam
5. Doha & Humming
6. Lata Mangeshkar: Bol Sajna
7. Lata Mangeshkar: Pyar Hai Gunah
8. Mohd. Rafi: Kaisa Hai Naseeb
9. Lata Mangeshkar: Shama Jale


  1. Thanks PC
    always a pleasure to hear the nice rare rips

  2. Nice find!

    I'm still working on my project looking for inspiration for different and specific styles and moods. We shall see what comes of this too.

  3. Verrrry nice, PC :)

  4. dear pc good ablum. but i am not able to download you earlier posted album links are not working pls upload again specialy album "badle ki aag'

  5. Glad you like this one. As for re-uploading, I'll refer you to the FAQs

  6. Cheers PC, great to see you still giving us suprises :)

  7. Nice effort. Special thanks for Ek Hasina Do Deewane,Commander and Anjaane Mein. A request.If available pl. try to upload the following movies:

    Ghar Ek Mandir,Bekaraar,Sugandh(1982), Ek Hi raasta(1977),Haq Ki Jung, Pyaari Bahena,Paagal Preemi,Shiva Ka Insaaf,Muqaddar(1976), Jeena Hain Pyar Mein, Faraib(1982), Shiv Charan,Mangal Pandey(1982),Pyar mein Sauda Nahin,Zindagani,Sab ke Saathi,KaalaBaaz,Chalu Mera Naam


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  9. Got to admit it's getting really hard to remain polite when total strangers start to insist I spend time and effort in satisfying their personal needs. Which part of my position on re-uploading, even just one album, is so difficult to comprehend?

  10. With many thanks from someone who's not gonna demand anything in return. =;)
    (But will thank you again, 'cos this is excellent!)