Friday 13 July 2007

Sholay is coming...

... it's just going to take a few weeks. See, the real world (day job, moving house, running a record label, family) has had its grip on me lately, and will continue to for a little while longer, leaving little time for posting Bolly soundtracks. So consider this a summer break (it's been raining for a fortnight here incidently... bah!), and Music From The Third Floor will be back with a vengeance in August. With 'Sholay' (I'm sure some of you have noticed it on the Flickr thing) and loads more goodies.

Have a good one, y'all!
PC x


  1. Don't forget us!!! I am itching to download somemore Bollywood!!

  2. Don't worry, I'm not forgetting, just need a break to deal with stuff for a bit :-)
    PC x

  3. Hello
    After being sick of crappy ads, badly built communities and feeling like a second-class citizens in the web world, I am launching Bollywood's first web 2.0 community and would like to send you a personal invite to the private alpha out on Sunday.

    I am creating this from the ground up to harness the community at large and that includes Bollywood fans from all over the world. :)

    Please send me your personal email address and will set up the invite.

    Thank you.
    Abhimanyu Chirimar

  4. I´m looking forward to this nice soundtrack. Have some sunny weeks. Greetz from Germany,

  5. Abhi ....would love to join your community, btw there are several bolly forums, however your profile leads nowhere so how does anyone send you their email ?

  6. Hi!

    Just found this amazing blog.
    Thanx so much for the music!
    But... it seems that links in posts pre Sunday, March 11, 2007
    are all dead? Tell me it isn't so... please!!!

    Thanx again!

  7. No not dead, they're working now at any rate. I think Easy-Share is having problems with one of their servers though, so it might be an on/off situation for a bit - but keep trying :-)
    PC x

  8. Know what pissses me off? The DVD of "Sholay" is FULL SCREEN!
    Damn it, I KNOW a widescreen print exists, because I saw it on VHS once in its full, non pan-n-scan glory.
    In general I think a lot of other higher-budgeted Bollywood epics such as "Shalimar" were also released in widescreen, but try to prove that on the basis of the DVDs!

  9. IPRS warning------ IPRS,EMI and Polydor from all around the world is now on the way of tracking this page and all the pages linked from this have made loss of crores of money for us by publishing music from our copyrighted materials free to the world.Without mentioning our ways how to reach your place and arrest you,just giving you the warning.If Polydor's Sholay or any other EMI (HMV) or Polydor materials seen published here hereafter,you will be caught and punished.We have other brother concerned Music Companies also who are effected already or possible to get effected for the future.They also will be joining hands with us. This message is a warning also to all the free downloaders of our copyrighted materials who visit this site.

  10. Better make sure we all post lots of EMI and Polydor albums then

    I'll post Sholay here in the comments if PC decides against it


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