Thursday 24 May 2007

Nisar Bazmi: Naag Muni / A. Hamid: Dosti (1972)

Naag Muni/Dosti

An anomaly... being Pakistani (ie. Lollywood) this two-fer doesn't really belong here, but I quite like it and it was given me by a friend along with a bunch of Hindi albums, so I'm posting it anyway.

Neither 'Naag Muni' nor 'Dosti' ring bells with me, and I have no idea about the respective music directors... Noor Jehan however, who's on almost every track, is quite famous. In addition to acting, she performed thousands of film songs, making her in effect the Urdu equivelent of the Mangeshkar sisters (Lata and Asha Bhosle). A lovely voice she has too.

What this is is a nice collection of mostly traditional stuff, not entirely dissimilar to what we're used to from Bollywood, but different enough (I think so anyway) to warrant attention. The 'Naag Muni' tracks are probably the best; hard to pick out particular favourites though, so listen to it all.

Track listing: (1-6: Naag Muni, 7-12: Dosti)
1. Noor Jehan: Tan To Pe Waroon
2. Noor Jehan & Others: Man Men Uthi Naee
3. Noor Jehan: Sajna
4. Noor Jehan: Aaj Bhi Suraj Doob
5. Mehdi Hassan: Mera Iman Mohabbat
6. Ahmed Hassan: Ik Albeli Si Naar
7. Noor Jehan: Chithi Jara Sayyan
8. Noor Jehan: Yej Wadiyan
9. Noor Jehan: Roothe Sayyan Ko
10. Noor Jehan: Sajna Bhool Na Jana
11. Noor Jehan: Kahan Hai Tera Pyar
12. Noor Jehan & Others: Nain Tera Kajle Bhare


  1. What a great addition to the blog!

    Nice to hear some Pakistani music and of course Noor Jehan.

    So these two movies were quite popular in their time - and the music director (Nisar Bazmi) was also a very popular and famous Pakistani music director. He was not as experimental as Khurshid Anwar - but nevertheless he was very good!

    I know that you tube has some of these songs listed so here goes:

    Naag Muni:

    Dosti - Chithi Zara Saiyyan:

    Aa rey aa rey:

    Sajjan Bhol Na Jana:

    Rothey saiyyan ko:

    Gori raen milan aae:

    Bas gaya tu:

    Soch ley:

    Yeh wadean:

    Phew - that's it - maybe hearing the songs is sometimes better than watching them! :-)

    There are more tracks in the film then there are on the LP. Having said that finding the orignal recordings of Pakistani songs is quite difficult as a lot of older recordings were re-processed and echos, drum machines etc were added (Yuck)!

    Thanks for this though - it's great!

  2. This is nice stuff. Thank you for posting! - I´d like to hear a new sampler of your releases. The first one was incredible. Is there anything planned? - Greetz from Germany, Jörn

  3. Not planned as such. But there will be further samplers though, some more regular posts down the line.
    PC x

  4. as far as my very limited hindi knowledge allows me to translate: dost means friend, so i would assume it's naag muni & friends

  5. Any chance i still can get this.
    link is down.
    Keep laying the beautiful music treats on us.much appreciated.

  6. Hi - how do I actually access these sounds?

  7. can some body send my some songs please