Friday 23 March 2007

Rahul Dev Burman: Mere Jeevan Saathi (1972)

Mere Jeevan Saathi

"Mind melting jazzy psych-ish soundtrack by Burman"... is how 'Mere Jeevan Saathi' was once described on eBay. I'm not sure I get it though... I've played this a number of times, and apart from 'Kitne Sapne Kitne Arman' which I think is pretty cool, it's a soundtrack that fails to ignite me. I mean, it's not bad (hey, it's Burman after all), it just never really seems to get beyond OK. A few nice details in the instrumentation (opening seconds of 'Diwana Karke Chhodoge' for example), but that's it - the songs mostly leave me less than satisfied. A far cry from mind melting.

Am I wrong?

Track listing:
1. Kishore Kumar: Diwana Leke Aaya Hai
2. Asha Bhosle: Aao Na Gale Lag Jao Na
3. Kishore Kumar: Aao Kanhai Mere Dham
4. Kishore Kumar: Chala Jata Hoon
5. Kishore Kumar: O Mere Dil Ke Chain
6. Lata Mangeshkar & Kishore Kumar: Diwana Karke Chhodoge
7. Kishore Kumar: Kitne Sapne Kitne Arman


  1. Thanks for the album. I like this album a lot. One song is missing though even from the vynl which was in the movie. The Title song which was sung by RD Burman himself. Kishore Kumar is fabulous. Old songs had meanings but new songs are now mixed with english, New generation has lost the touch.

  2. Wasn't aware of that... I know they often left off the instrumental music but not the songs. Shame. Do you know if it's ever been available elsewhere?

  3. Only in the movie from what i know.

  4. I rather like this album, always have. I am more of a [i]lyrics[/i] person, I guess that makes a difference. I just dunno how to listen to music w/o the words. Normally the [i]songs[/i] (as opposed to music) grow on one after seeing the movie, in this case however, I like them even otherwise. Would have liked to hear the Title by RDB... shame indeed!

  5. Hi there, any chance of a new link being added? May I also take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful LP recordings. I have all of these albums in CD format and there is no warmth in these 'conversions'. Your recordings are fantastic and its like listening to these magical songs for the first time. God bless you.