Friday 3 June 2016

Rahul Dev Burman: Zameen Aasman (1983)

Zameen Aasman

'Zameen Aasman' might be one primarily for RD Burman completists. And to be honest I don't have a lot to say about it. Its songs are OK but none can be described as classics or essential. 'Mano-Mano Ya Na Mano' is kind of catchy, comes with a pleasant Caribbean flavour and a surprising country rock intro. 'Pyar Nagma Hai' (both versions identical I think) contains some nice synth bits and has an energetic, new-wavy feel to it, and the breezy 'Maine Dil Diya' rolls pleasantly along to a light ska rhythm. The loungy, rather elegant sounding 'Aisa Sama Na Hota' is the score's best track, the one I'm most likely to come back to.

Track listing:
1. Kishore Kumar: Mano-Mano Ya Na Mano
2. Lata Mangeshkar: Zameen Aasman Nahin Milte
3. Asha Bhosle & R.D. Burman: Pyar Nagma Hai
4. Lata Mangeshkar & Kishore Kumar: Maine Dil Diya
5. Lata Mangeshkar: Aisa Sama Na Hota
6. Asha Bhosle & R.D. Burman: Pyar Nagma Hai


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  2. Thank you for a common but beautiful album..hope you upload more cbs albums in time to come as cbs albums are rare to be found in good quality..good luck..

    Best regards.

  3. True, there aren't many CBS albums around. Not that I ever buy soundtracks based on what label they're on though. I have an Anand-Milind score on CBS that'll be posted some time in the future.

  4. No its not about the lebel.its just that cbs had released some beautiful albums like maati maangey khoon.humse hai zamana.lover boy.inquilaab .mera in goa.shiva ka insaaf .sheeshay ka ghar and may more to the list .but they arent available in good sound quality .probably these albums were never released on good quality cds as well so a good quality vinyl rip is the only available option to get these albums in a better sound quality, if any one has them.

    Many regards.

  5. Very nice soundtrack of Panchamda dear PC bro, each songs are nice.....
    But please check speed of the song, it is a bit faster then its original.
    I am sending you one song of this album, please compare them you will find the difference.
    Maine Dil Diya Dil Diya - Lata Mangeshkar & Kishore Kumar

    Best Regards,
    Looking forward for more nice albums.

  6. When you say "original", what is your source? The posted tracks are ripped from an LP, played at the correct speed.


  8. I don't have Dahshat unfortunately.

  9. I guess since these LP were released several times ....and usually first released LP is considered blameless
    Even album " Mera Jawaab " of same label has this problem also, first released LP is fine but later release LP has speed issue.

  10. i have always liked this album. infact RD Burman used to consider aisa sama na hota as one of his finest compositions. Pyar nagma hai too has a very easy going nature about it.
    well worth the album

  11. this album was released by Music India in several format. Looks ur RIP is bit fast.

  12. What is your source for the so-called correct speed? Again, my RIP is exactly how it plays on the LP.

  13. Hi,

    Pls listen to this download. This is from CBS original CD release.

  14. The CD is a reissue (the first compact dis to be released in Indian was in 1987), not the original release. The LP from 1983 is the original.

  15. Thank you so much PC. :) Also thanks to Vikram for the info on Mera Jawaab. For reference, the track Zameen Aasmaan Nahin Milte on the Hits of Lata Mangeshkar CD (CBS / Sirocco, 1988, UK) is closer in speed to this LP versus the 2004 CD re-release combo with Jeeva (Pan Music / Crescendo, 2004, India). Never came across the UK released CBS CD from late 80s ...if there was one. (Not to be confused with the 1972 Kishore Kumar composed Zameen Aasman soundtrack).