Friday 15 July 2011

Biddu: Star (1982)


The first time I saw Biddu's name on a Bollywood soundtrack, I was somewhat surprised. I had been totally unaware of his career other than that as a very successful UK pop producer; to me he was primarily the man behind Tina Charles, whose 'I Love To Love' was one of the first songs able to entice my younger self onto a school disco dance floor. I don't think I even knew he was Indian. And until coming across 'Qurbani', I had no idea who Nazia Hassan was.

Biddu's contributions to that score introduced the vocal talents of the then 15 year-old Nazia; her subsequent debut album 'Disco Deewane' and its hit single made her a megastar in large parts of the world, if not my own. It's a wonderful disco/pop record, and features that unmistakable 'Biddu sound' I loved (still do) on those old Tina Charles hits. The soundtrack to 'Star' [review] was effectively her second album; this time she shared the limelight with her brother Zoheb who had guested on the first. It's possibly not quite as good as it's predecessor, but contains at least a handful of worthwhile songs. 'Dheere Dheere', 'Koi Nahin' and the title track are again quintessentially Biddu; 'Boom Boom' (the movie's big hit I believe) is the same but with a Giorgio Moroder-esque electro-groove; 'Ooie-Ooie' is catchy as hell but has too much of a Village People/YMCA thing going for my liking; and finally 'Khushi', my all-time favourite Nazia Hassan song – stunningly beautiful and very danceable. Typically, I couldn't find the film clip of that on YouTube, but here's one of her performing it live (playback actually), to a curiously polite audience.

To be honest I haven't really looked much into Biddu's film work beyond this, because the second time I saw his name on a Bollywood soundtrack, I was quite put off. He does have a fascinating history though, which can be further explored in the fantastic Your Heart Out blog's latest chapter in an ongoing series on disco music around the globe.

Track listing:
1. Zoheb Hassan: Star
2. Nazia Hassan: Boom Boom
3. Nazia & Zoheb Hassan: Jaana
4. Nazia Hassan: Khushi
5. Zoheb Hassan: Ooie-Ooie
6. Zoheb Hassan: Dheere Dheere
7. Nazia Hassan: Koi Nahin
8. Zoheb Hassan: Zindagi
9. Zoheb Hassan: Muskuraye Ja


  1. Thanks! Been loving this site for sometime now.

  2. Thanks for your usual stellar quality, PC :)

  3. Excellent album.
    I recommend you to try "Young Tarang". An album that came out in 1984 which was composed by Biddu and sung by Nazia and Zoheb. Kinda like a sequel to Disco Deewane. Its really good! :)
    Biddu did have several hits during the mid 90s in India with people like Shweta Shetty and Alisha Chinoy.
    Not to forget, he's the man behind "Kung Fu Fighting" (Carl Douglas)
    Thanks for this great upload.

    Take care!


  4. Hello p.c. and all MTF fans,

    I have a question about a track I found in a distant corner of my music library entitled Deewane. It seems as if it might be from an early 80s disco-ish Bollywood soundtrack with the rolling synth sounds set back with enticing handclaps. However, I can’t seem to find out where it came from or from which soundtrack it might belong to. I know this sort of era might not everyone’s cup of tea, musically speaking, but could anyone venture a guess? It’s been driving me crazy for years.


  5. Anonymous that track is titled Deewane Deewani from the 1982 soundtrack Sumbandh, composed by Bappi Lahiri. Vocals by Asha Bhosle & Bappi Lahiri. Hope that helps restore your sanity. :P

  6. Ah, thank you so much, deewani! I can now rest easier. ;)


  7. Hi PC thanks a ton for sharing these excellent tracks.

  8. u have any plan to upload "Deewar"(LP)...i saw ur wish fulfilled...:)

  9. Surely will wait for "Deewar(LP)"....any tentative schedule??

  10. Not really, but probably within the next couple of months.