Friday 9 April 2010

Do I really need more?

Those of you who have been keeping tabs on the number of soundtracks uploaded on Music From The Third Floor will undoubtedly have noticed that posts will be coming to an end before very long. By the end of 2010 at any rate. That is, unless I acquire more records. And while part of the blog's initial objective was to aid me in downsizing my collection, there is still a handful I'd be eager to get my hands on. On vinyl. To that end then, I've just compiled and published a want list. (Also accessible from the sidebar). Should any of you have items on it you feel like parting with, have cellars or lofts or parents' collections worth rummaging, or happen to stumble over not-too-expensive stuff whilst on holiday in India, or elsewhere... well, now you know who to contact.

Thanks in advance!


  1. Yes. Yes you do. We ALL need more ;)

  2. it is unfortunate to hear, because you have done a great service.

    i rummage around local places, if i ever find anything i'll definitely send it your way, if not hard copy then mp3 (i live in florida so it's not likely that records can be safely shipped from here).

  3. From the list I doubt you would
    like more than one song from these movies. except may be Jhuk Gaya Aasman (1968)
    Jhuk Gaya is by Shankar Jaikishan
    not Ravi.

    Ek Phool Char Kante has only one
    song that might interest you.

    Bhoot Bungla is only one song
    Aao Twist Kare

    Nau Do Gyarah

    Khilona [all sad songs]

    Howrah Bridge

    Priya you are only missing
    Mukesh solo. It is good but
    you don't like slow sad songs.

  4. Aye aye captain :)
    Gonna visit India soon. Will pick up extra copies for you if I find em.
    But yeah, YOU NEED MORE and WE NEED MORE TOO! Keep em' comin boy.
    You have been doing an exceptionally great job. Your blog has inspired so many to do the same! Great.

    Harshi :)

  5. A very worthwhile request - only problem I guess is many readers of this blog are probably so attached to any Indian vinyl they may have in their collections they probably find it difficult parting with!!

    Nevertheless will keep my eyes open. As an alternative, are you interested in high quality vinyl rips of some of these titles?

    Thanks again for such a fantastic blog site, and for sharing all your music with us. Keep collecting!

    ps. I'm presuming because you havent listed them you own: Karma, Namak Halaal, Heeron Kachor, Anand Aur Anand, Jaanwar, Dharmatma (my all time fav)...we have extremely similar tastes when it comes to bollywood - I'm sure you'd love these one if you haven't heard them already...

  6. Good luck with the want list , if only want to listen Salaam Memsaab & Chor Police are both full dls at mine
    As for your Bappi wants only have the cassettes never obtained the vinyl

  7. Thanks guys, for the quick response to this. In general, it's the (original) vinyl records I'm looking for. I'm always very grateful for any MP3s that come my way, and good ones sometimes start me off on record hunts, but as a rule it's only music ripped from my own vinyl that makes it onto the blog.

    @wang tchung: Shipping, from most places, is usually safe and easy, just a matter of packing securely. And shipping costs... which I gladly pay if the records are worth it.

    @anonymous: You're absolutely right, Jhuk Gaya Aasman is indeed Shankar Jaikishan. And I've already posted it, so heaven knows how that made it onto the list. Hereby removed from the list, thanks. As for Bhoot Bungla, there's at least one other song (Ek Sawal Hai) that would make the LP worth my while. In addition to the fact that it was RD's first effort.

    @Jake: I have Namak Halaal as MP3s - it's one I'd pick up if I found it really cheap, but I'm not fan enough to actively search for it. Dharmatma I've posted earlier, the others you mention I'm not familiar with.

  8. Cool I'll try and find time and upload these for you...Karma is particularly unique. Namak Halaal was a bit like 'Haadsaa' for me - didn't think much initially, but then really grew on me. Also 'Asha Bhosle Live' (Double LP, alongside R.D.Burman in London in the 70s) is an absolute must have if u don't have it!