Wednesday 10 March 2010

Music From The Third Floor: Vol. 6

Music From The Third Floor: Vol. 6

Honestly, I don't think there exists a better series of Bollywood compilations than this... now in its 6th volume. So good you almost want to see the films. Right?

And previous volumes are available again as well.

Track listing:
1. Everybody Dance With Me (from College Girl)
2. Theme Music (from Raaste Kaa Patthar)
3. Main Ladki Tu Ladka (from Dil Diwana)
4. Jeevan Path Par (from Ek Shriman Ek Shrimati)
5. Tum Jo Hansage Duniya Hansegi (from Kathputli)
6. Yeh Jhalak Yeh Jhalak (from Ehsan)
7. Pyase Do Badan (from Prem Nagar)
8. Nile Aasmani (from Mr. & Mrs. 55)
9. Title Music (from Khel Khel Mein)
10. Bombay Sheher Haadason Ka Sheher Hai (from Haadsaa)
11. Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja (from Disco Dancer)
12. Aaya Hoon Main Tujhko Le Jaoonga (from Manoranjan)
13. Milti Hai Zindagi Men (from Ankhen)
14. Dil Ki Nazar Se (from Anari)
15. Raton Ka Raja Hoon Main (from Raton Ka Raja)
16. Kahiye Ji Kya Loge (from Man Mandir)
17. Piya Tu Ab To Aja (from Caravan)
18. Kitne Akeli (from Talash)
19. Music (from Jhoota Kahin Ka)

Listen on Mixcloud.

Cover star: Helen (from 'Caravan', 1971)


  1. The previous volumes were most excellent. Downloading now and looking forward to hearing it.

  2. Thanks a million!! Awesome compilation!

  3. thank you! look forward to listening to this.

  4. these compilations never fail. large up on posting this.

  5. Vol6 is amazing, and inspired me to listen to Vols 1-5 back to back (again). Amazing. Thanks. You're right, these ARE the best compilations.

  6. Thanks for another fabulous compilation from glorious vinyl.

    Yes, there doesn't exist a better Bollywood compilation series. Looking
    forward to vol. 7. (and vols. 8, 9, 10...) :D

    Btw, love the cover art...looks vaguely familiar :)

  7. I hope people are still grabbing the individual albums though... otherwise they'd be missing out on plenty more great stuff.

  8. PC, I have a question for you. I managed to get some lp covers from internet but they in no way match the quality of the cans that you provide here.

    How do you do this? Is there any way I can have my pictures of this great quality?

  9. None of mine are sourced from the Internet, they're all scans of the actual LP covers, scanned at a comparatively high resolution, and often retouched (a bit) in Photoshop. Unless you have really sophisticated enhancing software plus loads of patience, I'm afraid you're going to find it near impossible to improve upon lo-res pictures taken from the net.

  10. This compilation is the best yet! Thank you so much for making these, absolutely pukka!

    Bloggers may also like to listen to
    nusoundradio dot com - every night is Golden Oldies, 7pm to Midnight (UK Times) from the heart of East London

    Keep up the great work! I've loved the blog since the early days!

  11. What in the name of Burman!? This is frickin sweeeeet!

  12. Will you be posting "Ram Teri Ganga Maili"?

  13. Thanks a lot; sadly track number 4 appears as damaged file, any possibility of re-up??


  14. Damaged in what way? I've just downloaded it (via the rapidshare link) and it's fine. Try again, maybe?

  15. I first came to India overland from Europe in 1978....I very quickly fell in love with the country & the food....for the took me some time to appreciate....I am now ready to enjoy ...thank you for your very good selection....

  16. I've been away from your blog for over a year (I forgot about it so sue me) and you've gone and done 4 more comps! Truely brilliant stuff - you're a lifesaver and performing a public service. I can't seem to download any of them though - are the links still active or am I doing something wrong?

  17. The initial links on the older volumes have expired, but updated ones further down in the comments should still be working (I hope)

  18. Thanks a lot for your awesome job!

  19. New DL: