Tuesday 20 October 2009

Rahul Dev Burman: Hamaare Tumhare (1978)


A RD Burman soundtrack from the late 70s that's not funky or full of beats, yet I still like it; yup, entirely possible. 'Hamaare Tumhare' is sweet, good natured and happy sounding from start to finish, and thus hard not to enjoy. Most of the songs are almost old-fashioned in tone, charmingly so, as if RD was updating a soundtrack from the 50s (probably not the case though). Listen to 'Ham Aur Tum The Sathi' and 'Kuchh Tum Karo', both lovely. And when they're less melodious, like 'Jaddo Daar Gayo', there's funny scat singing instead.

Track listing:
1. Kishore Kumar: Ham Aur Tum The Sathi - I
2. Amit Kumar: Too Meri Mehbooba
3. Kishore Kumar & Lata Mangeshkar: Kuchh Tum Karo
4. Kishore Kumar: Ham Aur Tum The Sathi - II
5. Kishore Kumar: Jaddo Daar Gayo
6. Kishore Kumar & Usha Mangeshkar: Maaf Kardo


  1. The link to the cover scan at Flicker isn't working, which is where you always posted the label and catalogue number of the LP release.

    Could you please post that info here?

  2. I know, Flickr seems to be down at the moment, hopefully back soon. Until then, it's HMV ECLP 5590.

  3. Thanks. RD and Kishore...always a great combination!

  4. Do you really serve this music by always grading it by how funky it is? It's East-Indian music. It has Tablas. It has Sitars. It has it's very own special qualities that are unique to India. Enough with the Funk comparisons. It's boring.

  5. Life's too short really, but briefly: I have no intention of 'serving' this music; the music is there to serve me. As anyone who's read enough of my commentary to use the word 'always' about it would know, I've said on countless occasions that this is but a personal and highly subjective journey through a part of my record collection, making no claim whatsoever at awareness of cultural, historical or even musical context. It's a blog, not a dissertation. I just write what I hear, based solely on the points of reference I'm familiar with. The presence of sitars and tablas or its uniqueness is of little consequence if the end result does nothing for me. Would anyone describe a rock album by stating "it has guitars, it has drums"? Of course not, it's meaningless.

    Still, I'm fine with you finding it boring. And you're welcome to stick around; chances are I'll bore you further. Or you can look for one that caters to your requirements. Either way, I don't really care.

    (And why is it that comments intended to criticize blog content are always anonymously posted? Now that is boring.)

  6. Rightly said, PC. Even if you start analysing the music in Indian context there is always the chance of someone getting "bored" because your taste doesn't match with their's (Indian music, even film music, is vast and has countless genres). One may like Kishore Kumar while another may go with Mohd. Rafi. I don't think there's an end to this. Pl keep going. I personally enjoy your comments (as much as I do your uplodas)written from a different perspective.

    Regds / Babu

  7. Hey sorry to bother, but I was just wondering if you had Rakesh Roshan's Koyla soundtrack?
    I've been trying so hard to track that one down.

  8. thanks PC
    And I always value your opinions on your albums probably because I'm coming from the same direction as you
    "anonymous" why should we have to "serve" this music in anyway other than our generous hosts' way, its his site after all

  9. awesome site awesome music awesome album descriptions. interesting, informative and entertaining! ignore anonymous!

  10. "This is a blog, not a dissertation."

    Hooray! Very well said. I will use it myself one of these days :)

  11. I have been looking for Sweety soundtrack by Hemant Bhosle, if you have it please rip if possible