Tuesday 27 January 2009

Kalyanji Anandji: Ghungroo (1983)


'Ghungroo' [review] is the most recent Kalyanji Anandji score I have, and as might be expected by the date, it's a bit unexciting. Not exactly bad; in fact several of the songs are moderately pleasant, albeit in a forgettable kind of way... it's just very apparent that the Shah Brothers' most creative years were behind them at this point.

The first (short) version of 'Tere Daras Ke Pyasa' would be my choice cut, if I had to pick one.

Track listing:
1. Manhar Ulhas & Sadhana Sargam: Pyaar Ka Dhage
2. Asha Bhosle: Tohfa Qubool Hai Hamen
3. Sadhana Sargam: Tere Daras Ke Pyase
4. Dance Music
5. Asha Bhosle: Tum Salamat Raho
6. Alka Yagnik & Udit Nurain: Jo Safar Pyar Se
7. Sadhana Sargam: Tere Daras Ke Pyase


  1. oops, you got an extra 'd' in kalyanji's name ;P

  2. Not any more. Thanks for pointing it out.
    PC x

  3. Like your short and sweet takes on these movies.

    It is amazing how many original blogs I am running into. There are many bollywood blogs but each having its own special touch.

  4. One of my favorite soundtracks because of tracks 2 and 5. I've never seen the cassette for it and as far as I know it's never been released on CD and can not be found in the SaReGaMa catalog anymore. It was on my hunt list for years until last year. A true treasure, thanks very much. I'm overwhelmed once again. :)

    Did the lyrics for my favorite song, a Mujra, a few months ago, I could play that song twenty times in a row and not get tired of it.

  5. many thanks, PC :-)