Monday 15 December 2008


When I won my copy of Usha Khanna's 'Honeymoon' some 2 years ago, I bid something like $15, and being the only interested party, ended up paying $7. I'm thinking the person offering this copy for sale is either ridiculously optimistic, or a scammer of unheard of proportions. (I love the 'for the serious collector' bit).

And for anyone with even more money to throw away, literally, here's another of his. (And no, the lady on the sleeve isn't really nude.)



  1. Hahaha! That keeps happening on EBAY. :)


  2. even $7 is too much when you convert the Rs. to $. HMV is charging 99¢
    for singles in iTunes when they don't have any royalty sharing with artists.

    To press a CD it cost 1¢. I am sure vinyl might be 10¢.

  3. Request! You gots "Meri Jung" from 1985?

    Laxmikant Pyarelal did the duties.

  4. I love it even more when people like you post these records in high quality mp3 or .wav

    Kind of takes away from their fun a bit tho!

  5. Litlgrey: Nope, sorry. Never heard of it.

    Anonymous: Oh, I don't have a problem paying 7 bucks for it (or even 15); it's an out-of-print (and arguably collectible) format and as such not directly comparable to currently available MP3s or CDs.

    Stephen: When starting this blog, one of my concerns was would I make things difficult for people trying to make an honest buck selling old, collectible LPs? (Especially since I know a few myself.) I don't think I do, and I certainly don't want to spoil anyone's fun... I just though this particular person was overdoing it, somewhat.

    PC x

  6. Yes, well, someone else in India thinks she can get $120 for an old filmi gossip magazine. Who knows, maybe she can? But not from meeeeee...

  7. PC, you can find this fella (Seller:analoguemusic) on Orkut too. He has been running or may be just a member of a group called his masters voice or some crap. Well he is out there to make money and that is pretty much it.

  8. Analoguemusic is not the same seller as Bollywoodshoppe. He actually seems like a pretty serious dealer/collector(?). Granted, there are some pretty high prices there, but some of those titles look pretty rare. The 200 on Honeymoon does seem a bit ridiculous though.