Tuesday 16 January 2007

Kalyanji Anandji/Biddu: Qurbani (1979)


It took me a while to get into 'Qurbani', it's just sooo cheesy. But in a good way I finally decided. Its claim to fame is usually the infuriatingly infectious dancefloor number 'Aap Jaisa Koi', written by Biddu. If you find it reminiscent of the old Tina Charles nugget 'Dance Little Lady', it's because he was the guy behind it. (He also made 'Kung Fu Fighting'.) There's more though: 'Laila O Laila' is Hindi disco, traditional at root but driven by bass, electronic drums and tablas. And 'Hum Tuhme Chahte Hain', which I find rather charming with the tinny synth bits here and there.

Do have a peek at the YouTube videos btw, all featuring the lovely Zeenat Aman.

A couple of things I need to add about this one: Firstly, the 'Bollywood Funk' compilation from some years back has a great instrumental on it entitled 'Qurbani'; while it is from the film, it's not included on the LP (though possibly on some super rare triple-album version that I've heard rumours about but never seen). Secondly, there was also an English version, called 'Qurbani In English' (what else?). Some say it's better than the Indian; I wouldn't know as I've never heard it (but would obviously love to, should any of you happen to have it lying around).

[Update: 'Qurbani In English' now available here]

Track listing:
1. Kishore Kumar, Anwar & Aziz Naza: Qurbani Qurbani
2. Nazia Hassan: Aap Jaisa Koi
3. Manhar & Anand: Hum Tuhme Chahte Hain
4. Amit Kumar, Kanchan & chorus: Laila O Laila
5. Asha Bhosle & Mohd. Rafi: Kya Dekthe Ho
6. Baat Ban Jaye


  1. Brilliant!!!! Brilliant!!!!, Thanx A Lot, Keep Em Coming, Love It

  2. *waves to Chachaji :P

    Lol @ cheesy, PC. Just a note, Universal Music India recently released this on a re-mastered "vinyl look-alike" CD, part of a series called "back to black", some other titles in the series: Sholay (which has a never before released number, Ke Chand Sa Koi Chehra), Saagar, Julie...

  3. oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!god thanks

  4. Thanks for the heads up Deewani... might be prudent to hold back on those particular ones then... hmmm. Do you know if they plan on doing 'Shalimar' at all? (Or anywhere I can see the whole list?)

  5. Sent you the list as far as I know, have not seen Shalimar listed in the booklet, so probably nothing right now. Caught that flick on American TV in the English version last year, that was interesting, especially since I had only seen the Bolly version before. Various other titles for that film are: Deadly Thief, Raiders of Shalimar, Raiders of the Sacred Stone.

  6. Lovin' them all thanks
    Not sure from your comment ... are you going to post Shalimar or are you wanting it .
    I can post it for you if required :)

  7. This movie is available for cheap on DVD, but it's totally to cringe from. No, really. Cringe. I mean, even in a typical Bollywood intrigue plot of the era there's enough room in the plot holes to drive a damn truck through, but this one... GODDDDD. Fortunately, the music's generally more memorable. But since it was from 1979, this soundtrack is a good example of one that could have been offered at 192 kbps, because recording conditions had begun to improve in Bombay (now Mumbai) by then. Not to complain, but sometimes you might want to consider wiggling your strict 128 policy where appropriate... pleez!

  8. I have to agree with litlgrey, why not post @192, it is really a minmum for decent quality, although I understand these aren't "Hi-FI" quality :)

  9. deewani; thanks for the info etc.
    sounds; yeah, coming soon.
    litlgrey and jason; I'll think about it ;-)

  10. Great work and thanks again...great music choice...
    can we see the list of records you have or are due to upload
    many thanks

  11. Hehe, actually no, I hadn't planned on supplying a list. A. because I haven't compiled one, and B. knowing what you're going to get would spoil the fun ;-) (I don't know myself yet what'll be next, or even remember which albums are at the back of the box).
    PC x

  12. I've owned this score since 1981 & love it. I'm sharing it on my page from my rip @ 320 kbps. There are fans of this music.

  13. I happened to get my hands on a rip of Qurbani in English... if you're still interested, I can make it available. I love this blog, in fact you got me wanting to start my own. Hey, perhaps that album can be part of my first real post! :D

  14. Ok now, the triple LP album that you heard about exists and it is the complete dialog compilation of QURBANI. As good as listening to the movie without seeing it! Its excellent with nice pics from the movie and I have the record back home. Secondly, the music you are talking about is the opening title music and it is truly funky and awesome. I personally feel the hindi album is better than the English. Check it out :)

  15. So I'm watching Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs today with the munchkin and my mind starts singing Aap Jaisa Koi (Baat Ban Jaye) when they played Lou Rawl's "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine".... Anyone else notice this resemblance?

  16. Hey, does anybody know what's with the song just before hum tuhme chate hain starts with the synth, it's track number 3? I noticed they don't often include that in compilations with hum tuhme chate hain. In my opinion it's more interesting than hum tuhme chate with the vocals.

  17. I checked on the 45 and it's titled as "Nasib Insan Ka".