Tuesday 6 June 2017

D.C.S.: Cricketer (1983)


This one first came to my attention last year, via a tip from DJ and promoter/publisher of all things cool Jonny Trunk (his radio show dedicated to the MFT3F book can still be enjoyed online). I'm glad it's still possible to find soundtracks by artists I've never heard of; 'Cricketer' makes for an ace new acquaintance.

There isn't much information about the film online, nor any clips. It was produced in England, which might explain why London-based D.C.S. (from original band members Danny, Charlie and Shin) were called upon to supply music. With a couple of familiar voices guesting. Anuradha Paudwal performs the (Euro)pop-oriented 'Abhi Main Pyar Ki Rahon Men', while Bhupinder features on the more sedate 'Maloom Nahin Kyon'. The band kept the best songs for themselves though: Shin is credited singer on the jubilant and catchy 'Sheila-O-Sheila' as well as the score's real highlight, the fantastic space-dub reggae track 'Mainne Kaha Tha Mat Jao Tum'.

Instrumentals round off each side of the LP. Synthy 'Title Music' sounds like something out of a cheap Italian zombie movie while 'Music' reminds me a bit of Blondie's 'Call Me'. Neither of those things are necessarily bad.

Track listing:
1. Shin: Sheila-O-Sheila
2. Anuradha: Abhi Main Pyar Ki Rahon Men
3. Surinder Kholi, Dolly-Shin & Chorus: Hare Krishna Jai Jai
4. Title Music
5. Bhupinder: Maloom Nahin Kyon
6. Shin: Mainne Kaha Tha Mat Jao Tum
7. Anuradha: Main Kaun Koi Kya Jane
8. Music

PS: Around the same time as this soundtrack was made, D.C.S. recorded an album with pop singer Runa Laila (she sung on a few Bollywood soundtracks in her time too) which, because it is rather good (it features another killer cosmic reggae track), I'm including as a bonus. The band would later become major players on the UK bhangra scene.

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  2. Nice share PC.I do remember seeing this movie as a kid.As for the bonus included,the track Pyar Woh Shararat Hai is still a song i listen to everytime my friends and i get drunk...lol.Never gets old!!!

  3. I was wondering if anyone had seen it. Do you remember if it was any good?

  4. Its been a while but as far as i know even though India is a cricket mad country none of their movies based on cricket has ever done well.

  5. New one on me, that's fer sherr... Not that THAT means all that much!