Friday 8 August 2014

K. Babuji: Naya Bakra (1977)

Naya Bakra

'Naya Bakra' is kind of an odd soundtrack. On my first, cursory listen it didn't seem like much; nothing out of the ordinary. But then I began to notice things... moog stabs and other electronic effects unexpectedly popping up ('Rekha Tujhe Dekha', 'Naya Bakra'), certain melodies getting stuck in my head ('Aap Se Dil Mila', 'Nayi Nayi Jawani'), a discernible RD Burman influence ('Sajna Bin Tere'), and the album suddenly sounded a lot more interesting. I wanted to play it again, which is always a good sign.

Having listened to and written about Bollywood soundtracks for the better part of a decade, it is undeniably refreshing to once in a while come across a music director I haven't heard before. I really don't know a thing about K. Babuji though, and if the Internet is anything to go by, neither does anyone else. He doesn't appear to have been very prolific. But this wasn't his only soundtrack, and as good as it has turned out to be, nor was it his best...

Track listing:
1. Mohd. Rafi & Asha Bhosle: Rekha Tujhe Dekha
2. Kishore Kumar & Asha Bhosle: Aap Se Dil Mila
3. Asha Bhosle & Amit Kumar: Chatura Sundari
4. Asha Bhosle: Pyar Ki Kitab
5. Amit Kumar, Bhupinder, Ganga Prasad & Omi: Naya Bakra
6. Asha Bhosle & Amit Kumar: Sajna Bin Tere
7. Asha Bhosle: Nayi Nayi Jawani


  1. No doubt a rare album and I have no hesitation to except that I don't know about MD K. Babuji, never heard about him whether he had scored more albums or not, but song 'Rekha tujhe Dekha' a qawaali song was used to be telecast on Doordarshan's program 'Chitrhaar' in 80s.

  2. ..A rare vinyl indeed. and the name never heard as MD. overall i too think a nice collection..i visited this site and was awestruck with its rich content in indian music..i saw albums like mr. romeo, salaam memsahab which i haven desperately looking for in form of vinyl rip..including all rd burman rips....most of the links are now dead..can u kindly guide me how can i get these rips once again...

  3. You'll find the answer to that in the FAQs

  4. yes the music is of course good..just completed hearing it ..Aaap se dil mila sounded really good..i dont know why but in this album i am getting a feel of south Indian touch in music.

    will request you to upload all sides of vinyl cover..that gives idea of lyricist as well..

  5. There's no pleasing some people I suppose.