Thursday 30 June 2011

Lata Mangeshkar: Songs For Children

Songs For Children

A while back, I was asked by a reader if I could recommend some Bollywood songs aimed at kids. At the time I couldn't, but being a parent myself, the request did pique my curiosity. I've always had a soft spot for artists who show the youngest segment of their audience their due respect, so when this album turned up I found it hard to resist.

And as it turns out, 'Songs For Children' is a great collection. No one in Bollywood sang ballads like Lata Mangeshkar, and there are quite a few really lovely ones here. Nothing in the way of spectacular trimmings, just very good melodies, subtly and beautifully arranged. 'Aa Ja Ri Nindiya Too Aa', 'Dhire Se Aaja Ri Akhiyan Men' 'Door Ke Ae Chanda' and 'Chanda Hai Too Mera Suraj Hai Too' (which I've posted before) are my current favourites. The songs on the second half are slightly more upbeat, and within this context I find them less interesting, but they're still worth checking out.

I'm obviously unable to determine if all lyrics for these were written with kids in mind; I suspect most of the films they're taken from aren't specifically children's movies. "A treasure of memorable lullabies and melodious songs for children" the liner notes say, "for parents it is an ideal gift to give to their children and to the children of their friends". To be honest, the album doesn't interest my own son much, but that probably has to do with cultural context and language. And possibly vintage. Would Hindi children like this album, in 2011?

Track listing:
1. Aa Ja Ri Nindiya Too Aa (from Do Bigha Zamin)
2. Dhire Se Aaja Ri Akhiyan Men (from Albela)
3. Neend Pari Lori Gae (from Char Diwari)
4. Door Ke Ae Chanda (from Ek Dil Sao Afsane)
5. Mere Chanda Mere Nanhe (from Aakhri Khat)
6. Chanda Hai Too Mera Suraj Hai Too (from Aradhana)
7. Ek Do Teen Chaar (from Sant Gyaneshwar)
8. Yeh Kahte Hain Baba Mere (from Mere Lal)
9. Main Ek Nanha Sa Bachcha Hoon (from Harishchandra Taramati)
10. Meethi Meethi Baaton Se Bachna Zara (from Qaidi No 911)
11. Bachche Nab Ke Sachche (from Da Kaliyan)
12. Tumhin Ho Mata (from Main Chup Rahungi)


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