Saturday 24 April 2010

We Are Family


As the 10-day Bollywood spree over at the fabulous Anywhere Else But Here Today blog is coming to end, we've joined forces and put together a special compilation to celebrate.

Much of its contents will be familiar to regular Third Floor visitors, but note that it includes a couple of exclusives (thumbs up to Memsaab for helping out), in addition to a sneak peek at one I'll be posting in a few weeks.

So head over there and grab it while it's hot. And I would consider it foolish not to also download the previous mixtapes posted once you're there.


  1. Tribute to your site
    My Bollywood Funk Mix:

  2. Awesome is what I can say....I also listened to the previous mixtapes and that reminded me of the heaps of russian lps that I have (long story) but have never played! I must get them out of storage.

    BTW, do you have Main Sundar Hoon lp? I have the mp3s which I bought from iTunes but have been looking for the lp to see what songs or instrumentals are missing from the mp3 album. Oh, and happy to share the mp3s if you so require.

  3. The cover is GORGEOUS. You are so multi-talented!!!! Look forward to this and the others over there :)

  4. Indeed a great mixtape :)


  5. Thanks Memsaab, it's essentially the Apna Desh cover reworked.

    I don't have the Main Sundar Hoon LP unfortunately, only a couple of MP3s.