Sunday 20 December 2009

Kalyanji Anandji: Laawaris (1981)


There was a time, when Bollywood music was doing the rounds in the trendiest of western clubs, that any late 70s/early 80s Kalyanji Anandji soundtrack with the slightest hint of disco or funk inevitably would be hyped as 'ultimate killer masterpiece', or something similar to the same effect. A few times I fell for it. Like when I bought 'Laawaris'.

There's nothing out of the ordinary on this. Most of it is nondescript and dull. And 'Apni To Jaise Taise', the dancefloor selling point of the album, while benefitting from a stomping beat and some nice synth bits and as such isn't all bad, ultimately sounds too formulaic; too contrived - it just doesn't flow right.

I could have passed on this one.

Track listing:
1. Kishore Kumar: Jiska Koi Nahin
2. Asha Bhosle & Kishore Kumar: Kab Ke Bichhde Hue
3. Alka Yagnik: Mere Angne Men
4. Manna Dey: Jiska Koi Nahin
5. Amitabh Bachchan: Mere Angne Men
6. Kishore Kumar: Kahe Paise Pe
7. Kishore Kumar: Apni To Jaise Taise
8. Manna Dey: Jiska Koi Nahin (Sad)


  1. Thanks PC. My favorite song here is
    "Mere Angne Mein," which is a fun novelty song that Amitabh partly performs in drag!

  2. "Mere Angne Mein" was included in this soundtrack only after the popularity of this song in the Kalyanji Anandji - Amitabh Bachchan concerts in the late 70's! Mr. Bachchan used to sing this folk song in the concerts and the response was overwhelming. That is when K-A decided to use this song in Laawaris!

  3. Apart from the obvious thanks, I would just like to wish you a very happy xmas and new year :)

  4. Viz: Great perspective!!

    PC: By this point (1981), quantity may have vastly exceeded quality, and all the shortcuts taken led to fatigue and cheesiness. As I watch the clip, I see that Amitabh's charisma and energy were as usual indefatigable, as was Kishore Kumar's. They save this number, I think. Otherwise, it's probably as forgettable as you suggest.

  5. Yep ! The thing you mentioned about the crazy hype on Ebay is absolutely true. I guess the sellers just surf the internet for articles on what records are being most discussed on various websites. The pumped up prices follow. Let's say if there is some use of the wah-wah guitars in "Mere angne main" it's "Killer Funk" for them. That's ridiculous. They need some lessons on Funk music fo sho !
    Thanks for the post PC ! :)

    Harshi :)