Monday 20 April 2009

Rahul Dev Burman: Raampur Ka Lakshman (1972) / Khalifa (1974)

Raampur Ka Lakshman


Two scratched records that I've managed to make sound almost passable with clean-up software, but there might be a glitch or two somewhere along the way.

If these are great soundtracks, and looking at the composer and vintage you'd think they would be, then they picked the wrong tracks for the EPs. Both records are dull and unremarkable, sans the magic RD Burman is capable of. 'Gham Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Men' is an OK track off 'Raampur Ka Lakshman' [review], pleasant and loungy if forgettable; 'Dil Machal Raha Hai' is the best thing 'Khalifa' has to offer, along with nice cover art.

Maybe I just expect too much from RD...

Track listing, Raampur Ka Lakshman:
1. Kishore Kumar: Raampur Ka Baasi Hoon
2. Lata Mangeshkar: Albela Re
3. Kishore Kumar & Lata Mangeshkar: Gham Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Men
4. Asha Bhosle: Sanwla Rang Hai Mera

Track listing, Khalifa:
1. Kishore Kumar & Asha Bhosle: Dil Machal Raha Hai
2. Manna Dey & Chorus: Meri Araj Suno Banwari
3. Kishore Kumar & Manna Dey: Tak Dhin Tak - Part 1
4. Kishore Kumar & Manna Dey: Tak Dhin Tak - Part 2


  1. Thnks for all the great tunes!

  2. Oh, I love the songs from Raampur Ka Laxman...and look forward to hearing Khalifa. Thanks! :-)

  3. Thanx Pc.
    RKL has 2 other nos, a bhajan - Kaahe Apnon Ke and a nice peppy one by Kishore, Lata and Rafi - Pyar Ka Samay, whereas Khalifa has only one more by Kishore and Asha - Dekh Tujhko Dil Ne Kahaa, again nice.

  4. Thanks for sharing these EPs. Can I ask which software it is you use to clean up the audio files? It always sounds like it does a good job.

  5. @Stephen H: More often than not I use use Roxio's Spin Doctor (an old version). It's very basic and only has a minimum of variables, but I find it tends to do the trick.

  6. Thanks for sharing, the songs from both are very good. In fact 'Gham Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Men' is one of my favourite Kishore & Lata duets.

    Just as a fyi : both Badongo & zshare give nasty pop-up's. The one from Badongo was especially bad. Is there anyway to avoid this ?

    Asli Jat

  7. Asli Jat its not only those , Sharebee has of late tried to attack your PC with malware so if you dont have virus protector you've had it . This is well documented within blogland (try another multihost PC)

    Oh and yes thank you for these , appreciated as always

  8. @Asli Jat: Sorry to hear that... what kind of 'nasty'?

    @Reza: I had heard mention of their pop-up issues, but I'd also been led to believe they were sorting it. Not so? The Mutant Sounds post referred to is dated March 8th - that's ancient history in this context. The thing about Sharebee is it's the only site I've uploaded files to where links are still active after a year. On all others I've tried they've lasted a few months, tops. And constant re-uploading gets tiresome. So unless/until things get really bad and a substantial number of people can't get hold of my files, I'll stick with Sharebee I think. (But if it does get worse, does anyone know of another reliable multihost? One that has a track record?)

    Switch to Macs folks... no malware or virus issues :-)

  9. PC , sorry dont know of any other decent multi host
    I run IE on a PC and everytime sharebee loads it attempts to dl a dl mislead file which norton antivirus blocks, the pop ups aren't the problem
    I'm sure firefox (or a mac)would sort it out, just for your info thats all ..

    Carry on as you are :)

  10. It's good you're letting me know. Obviously I want as many people as possible to have access to the files with as little fuss as possible, so it's useful to be made aware of issues some might be having. Even though I'm not always able to solve them...

  11. Hi PC, sorry for the delay in giving feedback. I didn't want to repeat the experience of going to Badongo, but what happened was a pop-up appears telling you your PC is infected unless you download (I think) some kind of obviously false anti-virus crap.

    I was using Firefox & couldn't close the pop-up. The only way was via the 'Task Manager' & closing my session. I then deleted those sites from the history & used 'Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware' to check. Luckily nothing was found.

    Anyway, I do appreciate all the trouble you go to to share these marvelous gems, just have to be careful I suppose.

    Only thing is, I don't understand the rationale behind infecting PCs via these file sharing sites. I'm probably just too naive.

    Take care,

    Asli Jat

  12. Infecting PCs, spreading viruses etc has it's own fucked-up rationale, nothing to do with civilised behaviour.

    Let me know of it persists or gets worse.

  13. Roxio's old Spin Doctor ROCKS :) I use it myself. Thanks again PC for all the goodness.

  14. PC,

    You missed out on an awesome track from Khalifa. Its on the LP.
    Let me email it to you.


  15. It is Gum hai kisike ke pyaar mein...Not "Gham"..In Hindi, Gum and Gham mean two different things

  16. 'Gham Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein' is exactly how it is written on the record's cover and label.