Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm still still here...

Hahahaha... here I was thinking noone had been commenting the last couple of weeks (boooo!), turns out I'd switched the moderator thing on and hadn't been paying attention... aahhh, so many laying in wait, glad to see you're all still aboard :-) And sorry for my laxness in posting - been away, been playing at running a record label (shameless self plug) - regular services will resume very shortly. Later today I'll put up one I was planning on saving for later, one of the best Bollywood soundtracks ever. Stay tuned.


  1. I agreed with bodegogo. Since I stumbled upon your site a few weeks ago, your rips have been the primary source of my listening enjoyment. I sincerely hope you keep on with the project. You have no idea how much I love the music you post! Thanks.

  2. Thanks for your response
    I have quite a few bolly mixes that I made up a long,long time ago from my friends collection with all those rare quirky "breaks" that samplists are after...whats the chance time permitting you'd check em out if I upload them and maybe identify the artist/album . Think you'd enjoy them as well :)

  3. Hi Reza,
    Thanks for Burning Train. If you need help identifying the tracks, I can probably help.

  4. Deewani ....your welcome and thanks , I'll upload and send mixes to you, nice of you to offer help, drop me your email on my blog (dont worry I've comment moderation and wont post it)

  5. I am absolutely loving this project of yours and have listened through to a lot of these. My neighbour came over at the weekend and welled up when he heard a song he had not heard since he was 18 - I gave him a compilation of songs that is now doing the rounds at the Cab office.

    RD Burman is a genius.. I get so annoyed when people dismiss this stuff.

  6. Aw, I love feedback like this :-) When starting the blog I figured I might be posting to an audience of 10-20 people - I'm stunned by the fact that some of the albums have been downloaded more than 500 times! Makes it all worthwhile, thanks :-)

  7. Just discovered this blog as I wait in anticipation for my Dad's bollywood LP and Ep collection to make it's way to me!

    I was only searching for ideas on how to rip my collection to CD - now you've given me a whole new idea!!!

    Thanks - great stuff - loved hearing the songs from Shalimar and others!


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