Sunday 5 May 2019

Laxmikant Pyarelal: Mera Jawaab (1984)

Mera Jawaab

A blog reader first made me aware of 'Mera Jawaab', a few years ago now. I had to admit I'd never heard of this particular Laxmikant Pyarelal score, and considering the vintage I wasn't really expecting to like it should I at some point come across a copy. Now that I have, I find it... well not entirely great but one that has its moments.

Twice-featured 'Mere Liye Zindagi' might be the soundtrack's best known song. The initial duet has a pleasant poppy feel (I like the guitar picking; the easy listening strings are a bit much), while Anuradha's solo version is slower, more subtly arranged. I prefer the latter. I'm also quite partial to 'Aa Baitha Hoon Dar Pe Tere', how its intro seamlessly segues from electro-funk into a traditional sounding Indian groove and how those forms meld throughout the track. Catchy and danceable. Even more so is 'Main Hoon Hasina', an almost anthemic dance floor stomper that's sort of disco but not in any sense western ears will be used to. My favourite here.

'Main Usse Itna Pyar Karta' has some nice instrumental bits, but as a whole it doesn't do a lot for me. And I'm not very fond of Manhar's voice to be honest.

Track listing:
1. Manhar & Anuradha: Mere Liye Zindagi
2. Manhar, Anuradha & Chorus: Aa Baitha Hoon Dar Pe Tere
3. Manhar & Anuradha: Main Usse Itna Pyar Karta
4. Anuradha: Mere Liye Zindagi
5. Alka Yagnik & Laxmikant: Main Hoon Hasina

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