Tuesday 12 June 2018

Babla: Meetha Zehar (1984)


A friendly Twitter follower first alerted me to 'Meetha Zehar', or so I thought. Turns out it might already have been lurking in the periphery of my subconscious; I discovered the title in a text document I'd once compiled of soundtracks I felt I needed to investigate. And this is quite a worthwhile offering from Kalyanji Anandji's younger brother Babla Shah, perhaps better known for his Chutney collaborations with wife Kanchan as well as a couple of non-filmi disco albums, so I was glad of the reminder.

And Kanchan features prominently. Her catchy dance floor filler 'Pee Pee Pee Pyare Dil Laga Ke Pee' is one of the score's highlights. Fans of Andrew Lloyd Webber and/or musicals may recognize its main riff from 'Jesus Christ Superstar's 'Heaven on Their Minds'; Babla uses it well. (Off topic: Anyone up for another great version should check out the fantastic 'Talagh' by legendary Persian singer Googoosh.)

Kishore Kumar makes an appearance on 'Kabhi Hoti Nahin Hai'; I find its combination of charming melody, stylish orchestration and subtle rhythm very appealing. But best of all is the moody lounge-funk piece 'Aye Mere Dil Tu Rona Nahin', on which a slow-burning groove and Kanchan's voice conjures up images of hot and sultry summer nights (well, for me at least). Unfortunately the haunting instrumental preceding the song in the film clip isn't included. A real pity, as it's one of my favourite pieces of music of late. I'm ripping it off the video and throwing it in anyway.

Track listing:
1. Kanchan: Pee Pee Pee Pyare Dil Laga Ke Pee
2. Nitin Mukesh & Kanchan: Maine Kahin Dekha Hai
3. Kishore Kumar: Kabhi Hoti Nahin Hai
4. Kanchan: Boond Boond Kar Ke Samundar Bana Hai
5. Kanchan: Aye Mere Dil Tu Rona Nahin

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  1. https://mir.cr/FMGZGFAU
    no reups

  2. Offbeat Share ! Very unusual share PC only collectors own such records

  3. Thanks PC for rare album, my fav. track "Kabhi Hoti Nahin Hai" by Kishore da

  4. A brilliant album that makes me say Wow instantly.Just a wish that i could ever hear this album with all the clicks and crackles of vinyl ie a rip without use of any software,anyhow Thank you for a beautiful album.


  5. the film is known to me only for the sublime Kishore Kumar song

  6. Thanks for this one! 'Kabhi hoti nahi hain' was already used in both male and female versions in "Khara Khota" (1981). Seems RD Burman may have used that riff from 'heaven on their minds' in one of his last songs (badan mein chandni - Ghatak) as the imdb trivia also states.

  7. thanks a lot for this...the best one KABHI HOTI NAHI HAI JISKI HAAR BY Kishore Da.

    There is a nice mention of KAISE BANI... An awesome album with superb beats in the era of RD Burman this made its way into hearts of many..

    Can you please share that rip if you have.