Tuesday 22 January 2013

Shankar Jaikishan: Patita (1953)


You know when you hear a song, or a part of a song and you're certain you've heard it before somewhere? That obviously happens a lot with Bollywood music, but the sense of familiarity I got when first hearing 'Yaad Kiya Dil Ne' was stronger than usual; it really annoyed me that I couldn't place it. ItwoFS, the site dedicated to listing the "inspirations of Indian film music composers" proved unhelpful for once, and it took a sudden vague recollection of this for me to finally figure out the song is based on (or at least bears a striking resemblance to) the Bob Russell/Carl Sigman tune 'Ballerina', once popularized by (among others) Bing Crosby. Unsurprisingly then, the Hindi version is delightful.

And the same can be said for pretty much all of 'Patita', an early score from Shankar Jaikishan. If not entirely traditional (there are quite a few Latin flourishes to be found), this is strictly old-school; melodious songs verging between happy and melancholy, all evocative of times, simpler ones perhaps, long passed. While there's nary a dull moment on this LP, I might pick the breezy, cheerful 'Andhe Jahan Ke Andhe Raaste' as my favourite.

Track listing:
1. Lata Mangeshkar: Kisine Apna Bana Ke Mujhko
2. Lata Mangeshkar & Hemant Kumar: Yaad Kiya Dil Ne
3. Talat Mahmood: Andhe Jahan Ke Andhe Raaste
4. Talat Mahmood: Tujhe Apne Paas Bulati Hai
5. Lata Mangeshkar: Mitti Se Khelte Ho
6. Talat Mahmood: Hai Sabse Maghur Woh Geet


  1. Thank you PC.

    Regds / Babu

  2. Dear PC thanks for this gem of Shankar Jaikishan rip quality is your forte please keep it up. I have all the songs of this album even few are vinyl recorded but sound quality of your rip is unmatchable thanks.

    adv.vikram singh

  3. The download link takes me to a mirror list. All the download links want to install an "ilivid" download manager which seems to be a malware/virus thingie. Is the link legit ?

  4. Don't know if it's legit or not, but you don't want to click it. After choosing which host you want to use (Megashares, Bayfiles, etc.) click on "Please CLICK HERE to go to your download page", and not on "Click here to start download" or anywhere else.

  5. I have tried following every link. Every one leads to a download of "iLividSetup.dmg" (I'm on a mac). What gives ?

  6. OK, finally got a legit download from Sendmyway. Thanks.

  7. Breazy it may be but cheerful it is not.

    "Andhe Jahan Ke Andhe Raaste"
    Blind World's Blind Road
    "Jain To Jain Kahan"
    Where to go.
    "Duniya Toh Duniya Tu Bhi Paraiya"
    World, you are stranger
    "Hum Yahan No Wahan"
    I am Not here Nor There.

    [Second Stanza]
    Don't have Wish to Live.
    Death won't solve anything either
    On one side crying on the other worry
    My heart is without speech


  8. Yeah, probably not the first time I've mistaken a song's sentiment based on it's tone. Thanks for the translation.

  9. yaad kiyaa dil ne kahaa.N ho tum
    [heart remembered, asked where are you]
    jhuumatii bahaar hai kahaa.N ho tum
    [its magnificent spring, where are you]
    pyaar se pukaar lo jahaa.N ho tum \- 2
    [call out with lover where ever you are]

    (o, kho gaye ho aaj kis khayaal me.n
    [lost in thought today in which dream]
    o, dil fa.nsaa hai bebasii ke jaal me.n ) \- 2
    [heart is trapped in web]
    matalabii jahaa.N meharabaa.n ho tum
    [in a selfish world, you are my friend]
    yaad kiyaa dil ne kahaa.N ho tum
    pyaar se pukaar lo jahaa.N ho tum \- 2

    (o, raat Dhal chukii hai subah ho gayii
    [night has passed, morning is upon
    o, mai tumhaarii yaad leke kho gayii ) \- 2
    [i lost in your memory]
    ab to merii daastaa.N ho tum
    [now you are my story]
    yaad kiyaa dil ne kahaa.N ho tum
    pyaar se pukaar lo jahaa.N ho tum \- 2

    (o, tum to mere zi.ndagii ke baaG ho
    [you are my life's garden]
    o, tum to merii raah ke chiraaG ho ) \- 2
    [you are my path to the flame]
    mere liye aasamaa.N ho tum
    [for me you are the sky]
    yaad kiyaa dil ne kahaa.N ho tum
    pyaar se pukaar lo jahaa.N ho tum \- 2

    -- Hasrat Jaipuri

  10. Dear PC it long time since you share any laxmikant pyarelal scores please upload if you have any new of the duo

  11. Won't trouble PC.. but some of the followers must provide us re ups.. that would be a great service to those who missed some albums and also for those who may have lost them. Am a victim... so I know the value of these gems.