Monday 12 January 2009

S.D. Burman: Gambler (1971)


I quite like 'Gambler'. Half the score is background music, credited to Sachin Dev Burman but with plenty due to Rahul Dev... hard to go wrong with that. All the instrumentals are ace, possessing a mod, groovy vibe; upbeat and bouncy ('Title Music'), jazzy and cool ('Gambler As Trumpeter'), laid back and European sounding ('Gambler's Dilemma'), funky and wild ('Gambler in Danger')...

The songs are nice as well, poppy and pleasant, if not spectacular. 'Churi Nahin Ye Mera Dil' would be my pick if I had to choose one.

Track listing:
1. Title Music
2. Kishore Kumar & Lata Mangeshkar: Churi Nahin Ye Mera Dil
3. Gambler's Dilemma
4. Mohd. Rafi: Mera Man Tera Pyasa
5. Gambler As Trumpeter
6. Kishore Kumar: Kaisa Hai Mera Dil
7. Gambler's New Year Party
8. Kishore Kumar: Dil Aaj Shair Hai
9. Gambler Faces Another Problem
10. Kishore Kumar & Lata Mangeshkar: Apne Honton Ki Bansi
11. Gambler In Danger


  1. Thank you ! :)


  2. Hi together, happy new year. Nice new design by the way. Just saw it for the first time.

    I asked in the past 2 questions and always got quickly help from all the experts here. I am at it again :)
    obviously with an indian sample on the Ciara beat. does someone know where its from?

  3. Big-A, It's from the film Bombay, music by A.R. Rahman (recently a Golden Globe winner for Slumdog Millionaire), song: Kehna Hi Kya (the bit sampled starts just before the 4 minute mark)
    the CD credits the singer as Chitra, not Kavita.

    Thanks again PC, I had the full cassette to this soundtrack, love the vinyl cover, the cassette is a green version of the same.

  4. Thanks PC for this lovely album.


  5. @deewani
    Wow, thanks. Is there anything y'all don't know? :)

  6. Oh I love instrumentals! Will cheer up my cold snowy day enormously! Thanks PC.

  7. Seems to be snowing everywhere but where I am these days, which is probably climatically (if not otherwise) wrong.
    PC x

  8. I'll try to send some of it your way ;-)

  9. This album is very very heart throbing . along with peppy numbers .its an old time hit musical movie.
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  10. am unable to download from any of the site coz each one says file deleted as not active since last 30/60 days... can i request you to upload it once again please....thanking you in advance

  11. The Megaupload one still seems to work, try that. And as a rule, I don't re-upload anymore, sorry.