Monday 16 June 2008

Rahul Dev Burman: Jurmaana (1978)


Another Burman quickie. Quickie in the sense that it's a bit of a hurried post, not (necessarily) a rush job from RD.

'Sawan Ke Jhoole' is atmospheric and kind of pretty, the instrumental 'Chhoti Se Ek Kali' has a nice lounge quality (with an endearingly tacky sax included) and is possibly preferable to the vocal version, and 'Nachoon Main Gao Tum' is archetypal Burman pop-funk... nice effects and a good groove but hardly up to his best work.

And that's it really. To me, 'Jurmaana' seems like a very average effort (maybe a rush job after all?)

Track listing:
1. Lata Mangeshkar: Sawan Ke Jhoole - Part I
2. Lata Mangeshkar & Manna Dey: Ae Sakhi Radhike
3. Chhoti Se Ek Kali
4. Lata Mangeshkar: Chhoti Se Ek Kali
5. Asha Bhosle & R.D. Burman: Nachoon Main Gao Tum
6. Lata Mangeshkar: Sawan Ke Jhoole - Part II
7. Title Music


  1. Thank u for all ur bollywood post u have posted.

  2. Tacky sax? I am there. Thanks again.

  3. Dont agree at all to ur comment "a rush job", "saawan ke jhoole" itself has two versions and very beautifully detailed, and then chhotisi ek kali a beautiful story telling, a classical based "ae sakhi raadhike" aur kay achhahiye? Partially agreed that "naachoon main" is not upto mark, but its just a change of taste , not main song, you cant judge the whole album considering only one song, do you?

  4. It was a suggestion (made partly in jest) more than an implication :-)
    And, given the amount of films RD in fact scored, I would suspect that at least some of them had to be slightly hurried, no?
    PC x

  5. hahaha, When i was downloading this from megaupload the password said "RDB"

  6. Just top draw, you never cease to suprise thank you PC

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  9. "Nachoon Main Gao Tum" was on heavy repeat on my iPod for several weeks until I finally got tired of it. :) Seeing it posted here makes me want to hear it again,

    I was a bit miffed to watch the movie and find it wasted on the opening credits (with a missing verse to boot)... especially when considering that RDB's many collaborations with this film's director created music that mostly leaned towards more traditional sounding music; this song was an exception to the rule.

    Definitely gonna check it out when I get home, and replace the sorry versions I own. Thanks, PC!

  10. Loving Aye sakhi Radhike, heard it after ages. Sawan ke jhoole (both versions) have been some of my favorites since long. Thank you PC.

  11. I had earlier posted abt "naachoo main gaao tum" that it was not up mark.. wud like to change my opinion.. thanks to you.. I listened the song again and fell in love.. very nicely done creating a very playful yet suspenseful game atmosphere of musical chairs, I believe. Orchestration simple concise and superb..Asha and Pancham very punchy..some part of lyrics like "chun lo saathi jo pasand karo ..kabhi khel shuru karo..kabhi band karo" indirectly hinting to the game that Amitabh and Vinod play on Raakhi.