Saturday 22 December 2007

Naushad: Andaz (1949/1971)


Bloody December! Nah, Christmas and all that is OK, only it and all it entails in too many respects just takes a lot out of you... hence the long lapses between posts. Got a couple of goodies coming up for the holidays though, but first another oldie.

Although, I'm not going to say that much about 'Andaz', (less commentary might have to be the order of the day in busy times), other than it's not as exciting as the previous two, but not at all bad. It has that rather charming feel of nostalgia that I find quite endearing, so do check it out. Also, I've just noticed that Stella_1 over at Parties, Saries and Melodies posted this quite recently - I recommend you all go and read her take on the album, and grab some more goodies of hers while you're at it - well worthwhile.

'Gumnaam' next I think.

Track listing:
1. Mukesh: Jhoom Jhoom Ke Nacho Aaj
2. Mukesh: Tu Kahe Agar
3. Mukesh: Toote Na Dil Toote Na
4. Lata Mangeshkar: Tod Diya Dil Mera
5. Lata Mangeshkar: Koi Mere Dil Men
6. Lata Mangeshkar: Uthaye Ja Unke Sitam
7. Lata Mangeshkar & Mohd. Rafi: Yun To Apas Men Bigadte Hain
8. Mukesh: Hum Aaj Kahin Dil Kho Baithe
9. Lata Mangeshkar & chorus: Mere Ladli
10. Lata Mangeshkar & Shamshad Begum: Dar Na Mohabbat Karle


  1. 1) "Gumnaam" remains one of my all time fave Bollywood flicks - I had all the tracks at one time, but not currently.

    2) Stella at Parties, Saries and Melodies is a very inspired and a very dedicated person, but she hasn't yet figured out how to save her WMP rip preferences and all her files are posted as WMA files, and at a highly disapponting 97kbps. Therefore YOUR rip of "Andaz" will still VERY much come in handy, and thank you!

  2. There's quite a few free WMA to MP3 applications to found on the net though (mines called Switch I think), so I don't usually find that part to be a problem :-)
    PC x

  3. There's a couple of hurdles. For one thing, Stella doesn't know how to set her rip preferences in order to save the more prefereable 192kbps MP3, which she can do right from WMP.

    She appears to be using WMP to rip directly to those low-bitrate WMA's, meaning she has no master WAV files or anything to rerip - she'd have to rip from her LPs all over again. At least that was the sense I got of it.

    It most certainly won't do to convert her low bitrate WMA's to MP3's... there's simply no point in it.

  4. Fair point I suppose - my main reason for converting to MP3 is to get them to play in iTunes where I stash all my sound files. Being a Mac person I've never used WMP (I try to avoid anything with Windows in the name ;-)) so I wouldn't know about the technicalities of ripping to that - bottom line though, she's posting some good stuff which I'm happy to listen to. (And what with the horrible sound quality on most Bollywood LPs anyway, I'm not that bothered with the low bitrates.)
    PC x

  5. Nice to see you back again. Thanks for the great music.

  6. Oh I know... I just have a different sense of it, that's all. For one thing, I use some of these tracks on internet radio, and I want them to sound as good as... well as possible, under the circumstances.

    I just really chafed when Stella posted the excellently-recorded soundtrack to "Namaak Halaal" at that same rate. That was when I finally said something to her about it - prior to then I held held my feelings out about it.

    My other feeling is, these LPs are now long out of print and not likely to be reissued a second time in their original form. The MP3s is what is going to keep these recordings accessible to the next generation - to keep them from disappearing. We have to think about that too. It's up to us to protect the legacy of these works if the market-driven record labels no longer care.

  7. Great album share.


  8. Hi, upload Janwar and tell me if it's ok or if the quality is still bad. Thanks

  9. Yeah, Stella... you DID it !!

    Magnifeek !!!

  10. @pc

    Is Switch a mac only application?

  11. No, Windows version available here.
    PC x

  12. Merry Christmas pc, I hope santa was nice too you! Can't wait too see what will be posted in 2008!