Thursday, September 13, 2018

Kalyanji Anandji: Dil Ne Pukara (1967)

Dil Ne Pukara

'Dil Ne Pukara' is a comparatively charming Kalyanji Anandji effort, made a few years before their most famous scores. It features a variety of styles and moods, including a number of pleasing (if not entirely outstanding) songs.

Opener 'Dekha Hai Sabhi Ne Chand Ko' is a bright and poppy Mohd. Rafi track, quite typical for its time. Moody 'Waqt Karta Jo Wafa' may be the score's best known song, at least based on YouTube accessibility. In fact there's not a lot to be found about either film or soundtrack online; the only other song clip I located was 'Khai Thi Kasam', a dramatic sounding yet still very pretty Lata Mangeshkar ballad. As luck would have it that's my favourite track off the album, along with the jumpy Manny Dey & Asha Bhosle duet (a cabaret number maybe?) 'Kis Kadar Zalim'.

Track listing:
1. Mohd. Rafi: Dekha Hai Sabhi Ne Chand Ko
2. Lata Mangeshkar: Khai Thi Kasam
3. Manna Dey & Asha Bhosle: Kis Kadar Zalim
4. Lata Mangeshkar & Mohd. Rafi: Ooi Amma
5. Mukesh: Waqt Karta Jo Wafa
6. Manna Dey: Yon Na Tanke Chalo

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