Thursday 5 May 2011

Bhuvan-Hari: Chhuppa Chhuppi (1981)

Chhuppa Chhuppi

This one had been on my radar since I first started getting into Bollywood soundtracks; for some reason it took forever to find. Three tracks (especially) makes it worthwhile: The infectious 'Aa Khelen Chhuppa-Chhuppi' (approx. 6:30 into the clip), 80s Bolly disco that for once has a proper, dance worthy, down and dirty groove; 'Aa Bahon Men Aa', more of the same only with more of a lounge feeling, enhanced by a couple of cool breaks, and the wonderful (but infuriatingly short) jazz funk instrumental 'Coda', rounding things off.

'Chhuppa Chhuppi' is another film that appears to be little known. It's not on the IMDb, and it took a lot of digging to find out anything about its music directors. Their full names are Bhubaneshwar Misra and Hariprasad Chaurasia, they seem to have been credited more often as Bhuban Hari, and they only scored a few films together. Hariprasad Chaurasia was later one half of another, slightly more prolific composing duo, Shiv Hari.

Track listing:
1. Chorus: Aa Khelen Chhuppa-Chhuppi
2. Anuradha: Dheere Dheere Lo Kanha
3. Devan Varma & Chorus: Bol Beta Bol Paisa Gol Kyon Hai
4. Anuradha & Suresh Wadkar: Motor Chalegi Pum Pum Pum
5. Anuradha: Lo Shuru Ho Gaya
6. Anuradha & Suresh Wadkar: O Mere Lalo Suno
7. Asha Bhosle: Aa Bahon Men Aa
8. Coda


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  2. Nope, not me. And surprised; didn't find any traces when I was googling it earlier.

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