Friday 12 October 2007

Jaidev: Gharaonda (1978)


Here's a short soundtrack from Jaidev, the neglected man of filmi apparently. Fair enough; 'Gharaonda' is actually the only score I have by him, but it sounds alright to me. There's a nice, mellow feel to the record; best track is arguably the duet 'Do Diwane Shaher Men', but really it's one to be enjoyed as a whole I think.

Track listing:
1. Bhupinder: Ek Akela Is Shaher Men
2. Runa Laila & Bhupinder: Do Diwane Shaher Men
3. Runa Laila: Tumhen Ho Na Ho
4. Runa Laila: Mujhe Pyar Tumse Nahin Hai


  1. Thanks a lot for this Jaidev's classic album. You are right Jaidev was neglected by hindi world industry. bad for all the music lovers------

  2. It would be awesome if you would upload some of Shammi Kapoor's albums..

  3. Erm... he's an actor, right? So I take you it you mean soundtracks to films starring him?

    The thing is however, I'm clueless when it comes to actors, be it Bollywood or otherwise. With few exceptions, I never know who play in films... and I seldom bother finding out, I'm usually more concerned with the people making them.

    In other words, I have no idea if I'm going to upload Shammi Kapoor albums, sorry. Have I posted (m)any so far?

    PC x

  4. You're first upload "Tesri Manzil" with music by the great RD Burman, starred Shammi Kapoor. His trademark was the Elvis styled hair cut and his preferred playback singer was always Mohammed Rafi.

  5. Jaidev wrote the beautiful bhajan (devotional song) called "Allah Tero Naam" from the film Hum Dono...

    I'm very happy to find this, thanks!

  6. Gharaonda has the BESTEST songs ever. Thanks PC fr the wonderful rips that you have been kind enough to share with us