Tuesday 10 April 2007


It seems that a whole bunch (if not all) of my files have been deleted from Easy-Share. This may be due to EMI or someone having taken offence, in which case the blog is fucked... I have neither the legal know-how nor the willpower to enter into any dispute with corporate powers.

However, seeing as the deletions have come out of the blue, with no representatives of possible copyright owners having contacted me, I'm more inclined to believe that the blog has been trolled. (Apparently anyone can request a file to be removed and the host does so without asking questions). So until I receive a more specific cease-request, I will continue the blog as before. I also intend to get the deleted files back online, somehow and somewhere (I might try re-uploading to Easy-Share for starters, and see what happens)... but if any of you have ideas or prior experience on the best way to deal with/bypass this sort of thing (or even somewhere to host the files), I'd greatly appreciate the input. I'd hate to see the blog come to an end!

I'll be away and offline for the next couple of days, so there won't be any new or reposts until the weekend, but I'll keep you informed as and when things develop. Sorry about all this...


  1. That's a real pity, but it seems to be pandemic across the music blogs these days; someone has a realk chip on their shoulder. And you're right, you would get an official notice if this were being done by anyone holding an actual copyright. With the nature of what you are uploading it is unlikely the rightful owners of said (c) would notice anyhow.

    Have you looked into Sharebee? Some blogs are using it - it seems to be a link hoster rather than a host - not sure if it makes simultaneous uploads for you or not, but it's worked well for me on the downloading end.

    Keep up the good work. We're enjoying the music!

  2. oy yaar! this is soooo sad! anyway thanks for your very cool work! i hope you can reup all your stuff as this very nice music should be made accessible for the world!


  3. Please, Please, Please re-upload all the soundtracks - It has been an inspiration over the past couple of months. So much amazing music!!!!!! I use Rapidshare which for me is a lot more reliable and easier to download. I hope you keep this blog going. too many quality blog's have ended due to ignorant people deleting the blog files. Don't people/record companies understand that the sharing of music (which cannot be obtainable by other means) inspire listeners to further go out and buy albums (by such geniuses as R D Burman) which I would not have known about before coming across this blog!

  4. Ouch!!
    But then I tried a couple of your links and they work fine, thank the heavens!!
    Curiouser and curiouser... :)
    I for one am keeping 'em fingers mightily crossed and hoping it will all work out.

  5. Probably some pigfucking,record dealer.I suggest that the ones of us who have a majority of your post should upload as many as we can that way if you continue to be harassed there is always a fresh link for you to post.might be more trouble than it's worth.anyways sorry that this has happened let me know if I can help out.

  6. Well sir, you may be happy to know - or maybe you have worked it out by now, but it appears to be a temporary situation that has been resolved. I just now made access to your latest file, which earlier today did say "deleted," but is now back. Yea!

    My moment to say how much I have nejoyed the blog over the past few weeks - amazing work. Thanks! I thank you and apparently the rest of my office curses you. :)

  7. Don’t they delete files after some time, some kind of regular maintenance.

  8. As Tim said the links are working fine now (at least the 'Amardeep' one is)!!!


  9. I'm with Muddy Boogers on this one. If it's not an Easy Share glitch I'd go with that theory. I don't know if you re-uploaded some of your older stuff but they seem to be online, so it could have been a glitch..... Anyways you have done a wonderful service for a WORLD of music lovers and we can't thank you enough. Reading your comments and looking at your beautiful posts is half the fun of this blog and I would hate to see it go away. Cheers!

  10. Hi dost, Have you hosted on a unpaid easy share account, if so after a period of time they do delete it the files without any notification :( If someone has complained argh! That is real mean!

    You been such a dear to host so many lovely albums. Owe a big thanks buddy :) Thanks again :) - an unknown admirer of your blog :)

  11. i really appreciate the hard work you've done on your blog. I'd never get the chance to hear this incredible music otherwise. if you need any files reposted, let us know. I'd be happy to reup any of the albums I've downloaded here.

  12. I like DivShare
    Don't give up.
    Loafer...PRETTY PLEASE.

  13. Yup, all seems to be fine again - cheers for all of comments :-)

    christopher: Will definitely look into Sharabee, thanks for the tip.

    muddy boogers: Yeah, I was thinking it might be a dealer as well... I'd actually be interested to know what they make of this. Although I'd imagine that if anything the blog will only generate a further interest in Bollywood OSTs, which should be good for business.

    unknown admirer: It is unpaid, yes, but I think the deal is they delete the files when there have been no downloads for more than 45 days. No fear of that happening at the moment I'm happy to say :-)

    j thyme…kind: Loafer will be up within a week.

    PC x

  14. try using 4shared.com it gives you 5 GB of space to host any file type.. it's really hard to copy the track name and go look for an mp3 file for it on the web!
    please re-upload the tracks, please.