Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kalyanji Anandji: Haadsaa (1982)


I've mentioned a few times that Kalyanji Anandji scores post-1980 usually leave me cold... well, here's an exception. What's good about 'Haadsaa' is the fact that they seem to be exerting themselves again; trying to transcend what by 1982 had become formulaic, and mostly dull. Meaning better songs and melodies, more subtle/less tacky arrangements, and some pretty ace grooves. Hightlights are Amit Kumar's (that's Kishore's lad) 'Bombay Sheher Haadason Ka Sheher Hai' and 'Y.O.G.A.; both catchy, danceable, sonically exciting, and neither becoming overly bombastic. And 'Disco Cammata' of course; wild and tribal, a quintessential Shah brothers instrumental. In fact though, I like the whole album. Even the traditional stuff; Kanchan's 'Hai To Rabba' is gorgeous.

KA's last good one?

Track listing:
1. Amit Kumar & Chorus: Bombay Sheher Haadason Ka Sheher Hai
2. Kanchan: Hai To Rabba
3. Kishore Kumar: Tu Kya Jane
4. Disco Cammata
5. Amit Kumar & Chorus: Y.O.G.A.
6. Anand Kumar C.: Zindagi Yeh Zindagi
7. Kishore Kumar & Asha Bhosle: Yeh Vaada Karo
8. Amit Kumar & Chorus: Pyar Ka Haadsaa


  1. Thanks, what a great way to get back into the loop here. Much appreciated!

  2. Hey PC!
    Thanx once again! The three brothers - Feroz, Sanjay & Akbar made three movies in early 80's - Qurbani, Abdullah & Haadsa! All the three scores on one platform - where else but on this blog? Long live the Great PC!

  3. Awesome album! My favorite is 'Y.O.G.A.', K-A's take on Kraftwerk's 'Das Model'... and the video you posted is hilarious! Thanks for sharing, PC.

  4. I like how they make clever use of Das Model's signature riff, without ripping off the entire song wholesale :)

  5. PC,

    Is it possible to scan and post the back vinyl cover (where the songs are listed) of YAADON KI BAARAAT ?.

    There is a picture of Lata, Rafi, Nasir Husain and RD rehearsing a song. I recently have read that there is an unreleased Lata-Rafi duet from the film (they are probably rehearsing it in that pic). However I don't know if this is true or not (the pic could be from another film).

  6. The pic in question is this:

  7. Nice one , PC! Y.O.G.A. is a fun and cheesy good song. Like the Das Model inspiration and love the video :)

    I also like Disco Cammata which has Helen doing the tribal watusi :D I just upped the longer video version during which Akbar kicks some butt for anyone who is interested.

  8. Oo, you better believe someone's interested! I've updated the post to include the link - cheers for that. I almost want to see this film!

  9. Indeed a great one :) Thanks PC !
    I need to watch the movie! Can anyone share a link to buy the DVD? I could not find it anywhere.

    Harshi :)

  10. PC, THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!

    Rafi and RD are two of my biggest music idols, that any picture of them together is amazing.

  11. thanks for this and all the other great shares you've been posting recently!

  12. He is loved, hatched and chased? This I have to see.

  13. I think that's supposed to read 'watched'... but yours is a way better tagline :)

  14. Hey PC!!

    Classic this the vinyl rip?...Because the version of Y.O.G.A sounds clean...the original sounds more dirty (which i like) you have the vinyl rip ?

  15. Yup it's vinyl. All posts here are.

  16. Can't stop listening to Y.O.G.A.!

    Is it just me or did Los Del Rio rip off the vocal melody for their Macarena song?

  17. PC, first of all a big thanks for all the lovely uploads. I'm a sucker for music by RD Burman and Kalyanji/Anandji. Do you have KA's Janbaaz and Sultanat?

  18. Nope, don't have those I'm afraid.

  19. just noticed that "Tu Kya Jane" is ripped off from Turkish pop star Ajda Pekkan's 1977 hit "Viens dans ma vie":

    not sure if that's the original or if hers is a cover version too.


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