Thursday, March 4, 2010

(Minor) hitch

Sharebee is being rubbish in that they won't let me upload - new post(s) as soon as they sort it, or I find an adequate alternative. Bear with me, yeah?


  1. Waiting... but don't sweat it, anything is good anytime!

  2. Please, do you have Saajan (1969) movie's soundtrack? Would you upload it? Thanks and greetings from Brazil.

  3. I'm on the site...but I don't see how to play the actual music itself? For any of the posts. I feel extremely foolish but I don't see any links to the files?

  4. I'm on the pages but i don't see any links to the files to play them? I feel foolish but am I missing something?


NOTE: If you plan on requesting a re-upload or a specific future soundtrack, please read the FAQ-page first, thank you.